Release Notes

Cinegy Capture PRO is a centralized multi-channel, scalable and cost effective ingest tool using many of the industry-leading components developed for and used by other Cinegy products. Cinegy Capture PRO reinvents the acquisition and transcode process, unifying the material recording and generating edit or web proxies. Cinegy Capture PRO supports many popular industrial codecs and file formats, including MPEG2, H264, HEVC, Cinegy Daniel2, XDCAM/XDCAM HD, XAVC, AVC Intra, AVC Ultra, Apple ProRes 422, DNxHD/DNxHR as well as uncompressed video.

The power of Cinegy Capture PRO allows users to turn any PC or server with a supported SDI video card into a network-based ingest appliance that can be used from any PC connected to the same network. The new multicam control panel enables customers to use Cinegy Capture PRO as the multicam ingest tool for the synchronous multichannel recording from live studios, in OB vans and at on-site events. Cinegy Capture PRO is fully "video over IP" compliant and supports RTP/UDP/SRT transport streams and NewTek NDI streams along with the SDI-based video source.

Cinegy Capture v14 is the next major release of the Cinegy Capture family, including a lot of new useful features and important fixes and improvements.

Any feedback or problems should be reported via the Cinegy support e-mail address.

To use GPU offload for H.264 and Daniel2 encoded mediafiles decoding in Cinegy Desktop, the Nvidia board is required; if other cards are installed - only CPU decoding is possible.

Cinegy Capture 14

Cinegy Capture: 14.0

Cinegy Capture Package Build: 14.0.3224.1480

Release Date: October 09, 2019

This version is compatible with Cinegy Archive Service v12 and v14.

Major Improvements

Cinegy Capture Engine

  • 8K ingest is supported

  • SRT protocol is supported for IP stream (Secure Reliable Transport - see SRT Alliance)

  • WebCam as ingest source is supported

  • AAF Creation for MXF OpAtom files (better integration with AVID)

  • Watermark imprinting is supported

  • Cinegy Telemetry system is supported for the cloud-based deep analysis and monitoring

  • Midnight split ignoring option is added

  • XAVC 100 format has been supported

  • MPEG-TS wrapper (*.ts) has been supported

  • AAC settings have been added

  • Significant performance improvements for GPU based encoders

Cinegy Capture Control

  • Engine Monitor panel for indicating engine parameters is added

  • Two Dashboard modes is implemented for engine panel

  • The visual ingest warning indicator is added in the engine previews

  • Ability to change (extend) the end time for on-going recordings is implemented

Cinegy Capture Planner

  • Ability to change (extend) the end time for on-going recordings is implemented

Major fixes

  • fixed generation of broken video by Cinegy H.264 encoder if Bit depth is 10bit

  • fixed failure of Cinegy H.264 encoder if Chroma format is 4:0:0

  • fixed Clip auto split feature in Standalone template

  • fixed engine failure when b-frames are selected in GOP structure for H.264 GPU encoder and MXF OP1A wrapper

  • fixed task failure when using "I" GOP structure

  • fixed double frame rate for Interlaced files when writing H.264 GPU encoder to MXF OP1A wrapper

  • fixed application of macro %N in the file name when using split

Known Limitations

  • Due to technical limitations recording of H.264 Proxy Avid codec in MXF OPAtom for Standalone mode is temporarily unavailable.