Release Notes

Cinegy Capture v21.4 is the next major release of the Cinegy Capture family, including a lot of new useful features and important fixes and improvements.

The Cinegy Capture bundle comprises the following components:

Cinegy Capture Manager which is installed with Cinegy Capture Server and is responsible for performing the core functions of recording, encoding, as well as controlling and reacting to devices; it performs all the stages of the Cinegy Capture Engines management.

Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter is controlled from Cinegy Capture Manager and allows user to integrate Cinegy Capture with Cinegy Archive for direct ingest into centralized asset management systems.

Cinegy Capture Control connects to Cinegy Capture Engine(s). Each Capture Engine is responsible for receiving streamed data and its encoding.

Cinegy Capture Planner is responsible for automated jobs processing according to the schedule. It can work with multiple servers simultaneously.

Cinegy Capture Web Control is a scalable panel that provides remote control of capturing via a web-hosted application from a standard PC or a mobile gadget running on any operational system.

Cinegy Capture 21.4 R2

Cinegy Capture: 21.4 R2

Cinegy Capture Package Build:

Cinegy PCS Build:

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 7.4.48928.6750

Release Date: July 28, 2021

Cinegy Capture 21.4 R2 is a minor release of v21.4 that includes bug fixes and stability improvements.

Major Improvements and Fixes

Capture Engine

  • added an exclusion for Capture engine to Windows Security (defect 14924)

  • fixed performance problem with HDCAM HD 422 (defect 14977, ticket NZE-577-19287)

  • fixed extraneous ticking sound in the audio tracks when ingesting in NTSC TV format (defect 14989, ticket MYO-413-61276)

  • fixed possible Capture engine hang in a "Session is closing" state

  • fixed possible Capture engine freeze in a state of automatic stop after starting when using 486i video format (defect 15032)

  • fixed possible error with finishing of recording process in some specific cases (defect 15045, ticket OCL-487-26531)

  • fixed issue with XDCAM FinalCut Pro compatibility - filling the "Product", "ProductVersion" and "ProductUID" fields (defect 15036, ticket VDE-568-30780)

  • fixed incorrect work of ProRes codec for SD formats (defect 15029)

  • fixed issue of capture freezing and the watermark appearing after 15 mins of recording in Demo Mode (defect 15073)

Cinegy Capture Control

  • improved validation of network shares defined as output (defect 14908)

  • added "NumSingleEncoders" value of XAVC Intra encoder

  • fixed application crash when a task is being added using Scheduler Panel (ticket KCK-777-99832)

  • fixed the ability to edit engine parameters from the Cinegy Capture Control application during recording session (defect 15053)

  • fixed resetting in Cinegy Capture Control of a previous Capture engine preview state after application upgrade (defect 14999)

Cinegy Capture Installer

  • optimized application of Windows Firewall rules during the product installation (defect 15047)

Cinegy Capture 21.4 R1

Cinegy Capture: 21.4 R1

Cinegy Capture Package Build:

Cinegy PCS Build:

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 7.4.48928.6750

Release Date: May 06, 2021

This version is compatible with the Cinegy Archive Service v14 and v15.
To use GPU offload for decoding in Cinegy Desktop of H.264 and Daniel2 encoded media files, the NVIDIA board is required; if other cards are installed - only CPU decoding is possible.

Major Improvements

Cloud-ready Architecture

Cinegy Capture v21.4 is designed to support all workflow scenarios, including the full cloud-based architecture:

  • remote Capture Engine management

  • full ingest control via the standard Internet connection

  • security protocol support and basic authentication

  • SRT-based real-time preview over the Internet

Capture Engine

  • implemented the new GPU-accelerated capture pipe: for increasing the ingest performance, especially in the case of ultra-high-definition (UHD+) formats the whole ingest platform has been completely re-worked, introducing the new "Video Accelerator" parameter, for choosing the single GPU accelerated board for the hardware optimization

  • significantly improved internal pre-processing, including scaling and frame conversion

  • added the "Scaling method" option defining performance / quality presets (US 6519)

  • supported RS422 timecode for SDI boards (US 6650)

  • added SRT preview for both Cinegy Capture Control and Cinegy Capture Manager (US 6646)

  • supported remote Capture Engine configuration (US 6690)

  • supported the basic authentication for the remote connection (US 6739)

  • supported a PowerShell script and an HTTP request as a pre / post-processing event (US 6807, 6812)

  • implemented a downscale option for Avid DNxHD encoder for using it in the UHD mode (US 6987)

  • enabled the H.264 Proxy Avid encoder for progressive formats

  • supported Audio Input devices as the ingest source (US 6874)

  • supported the WDM input devices as the ingest source (US 6417)

  • supported 8K video formats for Archive mode (US 6518)

  • supported 8K video formats in H.264 codecs

  • added the option of not using the "ping" command for the server availability check (US 6752)

  • extended Capture Engine API to support the additional parameters (US 6628)

  • extended Capture Engine API to use the default template for starting capture (US 6822)

Cinegy Capture Control

  • added pre- / post-processing events for Standalone templates (US 6813)

  • added processing of mandatory fields for Archive templates (US 6642)

  • supported macros in the Event parameters (US 6815)

  • implemented macros autocomplete in the Event form (US 6828)

  • added Capture Engines sorting in the Engines panel (defect 11292)

Major Fixes

Capture Engine

  • fixed issue with opening AAF files with DNxHD in Avid 2020 (defect 14264)

  • H.264 Proxy Avid encoder has been enabled and fixed for MXF OpAtom

  • fixed issue with hangs in "Session closing" state under some conditions

  • fixed triggering of post-processing events

  • fixed issue with processing of a task longer than 24 hours (defect 14559)

  • fixed issue with hangs by XDCAM HD-based ingest with MP4 container (defect 12929)

  • fixed issue with using CQ mode for Cinegy MPEG-2 encoder (defect 12493)

  • fixed hangs caused by using unsupported frame size in H.264 codec (defect 14540)

  • fixed issue with AVC-Intra in MXF OpAtom for 720p 50 and 59.94 (defect 13557)

  • fixed bitrate values for XAVC Intra class 300 and class 480 (defect 13569)

  • fixed telemetry settings behavior (defect 13163)

  • fixed issue with AAC audio mono/stereo (defect 13415)

  • fixed issue with processing of out of disk space (defect 14473)

  • fixed issue with creating AAF files by split

  • fixed incorrect midnight split in case of using the "Fixed timecode" option

  • fixed wrong GPU performance data (defect 14361)

  • fixed failure to stop task at a crash when writing a single output (defect 14291)

  • fixed issue with creating an AAF file when the "Create AAF file" option enabled in the profile (defect 14949)

  • changed frame structure for the H.264 Proxy AVID encoder to always be progressive (defect 14955)

Capture Web Control

  • fixed processing of Mark In / Mark Out points (defect 13215)

  • fixed live preview (defect 13250)

Cinegy Capture Planner

  • improved recurrent tasks management (defect 13220, 13082)

Archive Adapter

  • fixed audio allocation issue with wrong "Not in use" (defect 13611)