This panel displays the main Cinegy Archive connection information:

  • Database – the currently connected SQL server and Cinegy Archive database.

  • Archive connection – the Cinegy Archive connection status.

  • Target folder – the target folder path within your Cinegy Archive database in which the target Roll(s) will be created. Press the "…​" button and browse for the required folder in the explorer tree:

  • Synchronization status – the synchronization status of Cinegy Archive Adapter with Cinegy Archive. The status can be "Unknown", "Pending", "Processing", "Failed".

    The synchronization indicator is green when the service is online, but it blinks red when the connection is lost.

At the bottom of the Cinegy Archive panel you will find a table displaying the information regarding the connection to the Cinegy Archive Service and other log information:


Warning and error logs are displayed in orange and red respectively, providing details on detected problems.