This panel represents information about the ingest session available in the Capture Control application, indicates any non-critical failures or critical errors, as well as other statistics.


The upper part of this panel displays the status pane containing the following fields:

  • Engine license – the license information. The color indication reflects the current status of the license. If the license is not detected for a certain period of time, corresponding information will be displayed next to the "Engine license" field.

  • Session status – indicates the current job status or the last executed job status.

    If there are non-critical failures detected, the session is not interrupted, but it is indicated with a yellow flashing indicator and upon completion, its status is stated as 'Job completed with warnings'.

    If there was a critical error which led to job failure, the Session status is stated as 'Job failed' and the indicator goes red.

  • Recording time – duration of the current recording session, which appears during recording.


The left panel of the lower part indicates information about missing or failed output, i.e. non-critical failures which did not lead to the whole session failure:

  • Video format – the TV format of the currently selected engine.

  • Audio channels – the number of audio channels of the currently selected engine.

  • Input frame drops – number of drops on the input device during the session.

  • Timecode breaks – number of timecode breaks during the session, which led to the file split.

  • File write errors – number of non-critical outputs failures during the session.

  • Non-critical failures – errors with the description provide sufficient information about reasons of the session failure.

The right panel of the lower part indicates some additional information about the ingest session:

  • Engine status – the current status of the selected engine.

  • Remaining time – available time for recording for the current session. In the case of recording several files to different shares, the minimum value of remaining time is indicated. In stand-by mode the remaining time displays ––– which means that no data is available. Clicking on the actual time value opens the "Remaining time details" window, providing information on the wrapper, destination and remaining time.

  • CPU usage – CPU load expressed as a percentage of the total CPU usage.

  • GPU usage – GPU load expressed as a percentage of the total GPU usage.

  • Encoding buffer usage – usage of encoding buffer defining the number of frames allocated in the memory to handle short system performance downfalls.

  • Write buffer usage – usage of file writer buffer handling short storage performance downfalls as a percentage.

    The maximum value of these buffers is set in the "Timecode settings" tab in the Capture engine configuration.

If the value of the CPU/GPU/Encoding buffer usage is in the range from 65% up to 90%, the green indicator turns yellow:


If the buffer usage exceeds 90%, the indicator goes to red. Session status switches to warnings state, blinking with yellow:


Hovering the cursor over the Session status will show a pop-up message, explaining the warning(s):


Clicking on the parameter with errors will show errors details, providing information on the wrapper, destination and retries: