This panel allows a user to group several Capture engines for ganged control during the capturing session (e.g. multi-cam scenario).

Gang control is not supported in Capture Desktop Edition mode.


Press this button next to the "Active Engines group" field to create a new engines group. The following dialog box appears:


Enter a new group name into the "Name" text field and confirm creation of a new engines group by pressing the "OK" button.

To add the connected Capture engine to the active engines group, select the desired one on the engines panel and press the Add_template button in its caption or simply drag-and-drop the engine to the table within the Gang Control panel:


All Capture engines included in the active engines group are represented in a table view as it is shown below:


The table is divided into three columns displaying the name of the Capture engine, its active template and current status individually for each engine in the group.

The "Global Templates" field allows you to choose a global template which will be applied to all engines within the selected Gang group. To do this, select a required template from the drop-down list and press "Apply to All" button. "Wrong template" indication in the Status column indicates that the global template is not compatible with a video system of the corresponding engine, a valid template can be individually selected for the engine using the "Template" drop-down list:

An active engine template can be changed by choosing the required template from the "Template" drop-down list on the Capture panel.

Navigation through engine instances within the active engines group switches between engines on the engines panel correspondingly.


Press this button to remove the selected engine from the active engines group.

Alternatively, use the remove_template_button button in the caption of the engine you wish to remove (located on the engines panel).


Press the "G.REC" button to start the group capture session.


Press the "G.SPLIT" button during the capture session to force the new Rolls / files creation, starting from the current position of your recording session. This operation is performed on-the-fly.


Press the "G.STOP" button to stop the running group capture session.