Release Notes

The Cinegy Capture bundle comprises the following components:

Cinegy Capture Manager which is installed with Cinegy Capture Server and is responsible for performing the core functions of recording, encoding, as well as controlling and reacting to devices; it performs all the stages of the Cinegy Capture engines management.

Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter is controlled from Cinegy Capture Manager and allows user to integrate Cinegy Capture with Cinegy Archive for direct ingest into centralized asset management systems.

Cinegy Capture Control connects to the Cinegy Capture engine(s). Each Capture engine is responsible for receiving streamed data and its encoding.

Cinegy Capture Planner is responsible for automated jobs processing according to the schedule. It can work with multiple servers simultaneously.

Cinegy Capture Web Control is a scalable panel that provides remote control of capturing via a web-hosted application from a standard PC or a mobile gadget running on any operational system.

Cinegy Capture v22.12 is the next major release of the Cinegy Capture family, which includes new useful features and important fixes.

Cinegy Capture 22.12 Release Candidate

Cinegy Capture: 22.12 RC

Cinegy Capture Package Build:

Cinegy PCS Build:

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 7.5.55484.1215

Release Date: December 8, 2022

Cinegy Capture version 22.12 supports the latest NVIDIA boards which require new NVIDIA drivers and a new SDK to be utilized. For that reason, we highly recommend using the minimum NVIDIA driver version 452.39 with Cinegy Capture v22.12. Until other Cinegy software products, such as Cinegy Air and Cinegy Multiviewer, are updated to utilize the new NVIDIA SDK, we recommend that customers avoid running them on the same machine as Cinegy Capture, if possible. Before starting any upgrades, please make sure that the OS under which you are running Cinegy Capture and a model of the NVIDIA board you are using are supported in the version of the NVIDIA driver you choose.
Make sure that the GPU card selected as video accelerator in Cinegy Capture Manager supports interlace field coding; otherwise, interlaced encoding processing will fail even if an appropriate GPU device is selected for the video encoder.
Windows Server 2022 is not yet qualified for use with Cinegy Capture.

Major Improvements and Fixes

Capture Engine

  • added support of AJA IP 2110 input device (US 7317)

  • added BT.2020 mode for the HD signal in 10 bit (US 7273)

  • added support of NDI 5.1

  • added DNxHR support for 720p@50 and 720p@59.97 file formats (US 7279)

  • implemented support for 720p25/720p29.97 input streams (US 7161)

  • fixed failure of tasks with Cinegy MPEG-2 encoder and MXF AS02 wrappers for all UHD formats (defect 13772)

  • fixed engine hanging in "Session is closing" status if a "Compressed data not found…​" error occurs in Direct transcoding mode (defect 15705)

  • fixed engine hanging in Direct transcoding mode if errors occur in the stream (defect 15649)

  • implemented the file splitting by the end of the current GOP (defect 15280)

  • fixed issue with incorrect height applied to MXF files encoded with AVID DNxHD codec (defect 15638)

  • fixed issue with AAF file not being created on MXF OPAtom for some codecs (defect 15528)

  • fixed display of actual engine status in Cinegy Multiviewer when generated RTP H.264 preview is used as MV input (defect 15883, ticket GAM-200-86494 )

  • fixed issue with "The calling thread cannot access this…​" when Cinegy Capture engine is stopped in the "JobInProcess" status

  • fixed engine hanging when "File writer buffer overflow" error occurs (defect 15871)

  • fixed issue that caused long sessions to take a long time to stop (ticket SYS-959-59017)

  • fixed possible engine hang in some cases when getting new configuration (ticket CCK-694-97466)

  • fixed engine hanging when existing engine is reconfigured to use Capture source that can’t be located in the system (defect 15755)

  • fixed NullReferenceException when opening template editor

  • improved license grace period processing (defect 15300)

Capture Control

  • changed BITC option properties to be read-only

  • fixed updating of BITC setting status on the Template Details panel when it’s modified using the "Templates" tab (defect 15425)

  • fixed appearing of “Edit scheduled task (Batch)” form (defect 15920)

  • fixed issues with "Index was out of range" and "Collection was modified"

  • disabled check for publisher certificate invalidation caused by slow DB calls

  • fixed issue with saving IP address when using UDP

  • fixed automatic selection of BT.2020 in the "Color primaries" feature settings for all codecs that support this mode (defect 15397)

  • removed unsupported chroma format 4:0:0 from H.264 codec settings (defect 15727)

  • removed unsupported chroma format 4:0:0 in MPEG-2 codec settings (defect 15732)

Capture Manager

  • fixed licensing for Desktop license mode (defect 15838)

  • reworked placeholder filling procedure performed by Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter (defect 15639, ticket GRD-335-98722)

  • fixed issue when browsing feature fails to find installed Cinegy Route Browser (defect 15936)

  • fixed the "Database file cannot be found" exception

Capture Planner

  • fixed issue with losing some recurring tasks with multiple occurrences in Cinegy Capture Planner the next day after assignment (defect 15738)

  • fixed issue with losing some scheduled tasks (defect 15765, ticket HOB-477-84370)

  • fixed issue with displaying a "Day" view in Cinegy Capture Planner for the recurring tasks going over the midnight (defect 15703)

  • fixed skipping of planned recording session (ticket UTU-182-50995)

  • added excluding 'invalid time' planned tasks on SelectRecordings (rangeStart, rangeEnd, engineIdFilter) (defect 14160)

  • fixed duplicating notes in planner task description

  • fixed issue with scheduled planned task clean up time

  • executed outstanding planned task slicing on clean up (instead of time to start processing planned task)

Capture API

  • fixed invalid JSON response to API "WriteSpeedMBps" call (defect 15546)

Important Known Issues

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • Currently, only NVIDIA-based accelerator is supported, other types might not work properly.