Cinegy Convert Server (Legacy) is a separate utility that executes all the incoming tasks to the job drop folders. It can be configured via the Cinegy Convert Server (Legacy) configuration tool.

Operating in Windows Service Mode

Cinegy Convert Server (Legacy) can process tasks working in Windows service mode. Cinegy Convert Service (Legacy) is automatically installed during the Convert Server (Legacy) installation.

It is necessary to specify the user account, under which the service is running. To configure "Cinegy Convert Service (Legacy)", follow the steps:

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.

  2. On the Services Panel, select "Cinegy Convert Service (Legacy)" and open the "Properties" dialog box via double-click.

  3. Go to the "Log On" tab and click "This account". Here define the user with the corresponding rights to access Cinegy Archive database and its media shares and also the local administrator rights on the computer where Cinegy Convert Server (Legacy) and Convert Server Configurator (Legacy) are launched.

  4. Restart the service.


Operating in Application Mode


To start the Cinegy Convert Server (Legacy) utility, run the CinegyJobServer.exe file on the computer where you would like to perform your job operations.

To work with the Cinegy Convert Server (Legacy) utility, you need to have a USB hardware dongle installed on the current PC; otherwise the error message "The dongle has no license or no dongle inserted" appears and the Cinegy Convert job folders feature is disabled.

When a new task is found, Cinegy Convert Server (Legacy) starts the appropriate process for that task:


The progress bar below shows the actual status of the process. To abort the current job operation, press the "Cancel the current job" button.