This tab allows you to configure the file export settings:


In this window, all the file export job drop folders available in the current Cinegy Archive database are displayed.


Press the "Edit settings…" button to configure the export settings for the selected job drop folder:


In this configuration window, you can set up the following export parameters:

  • Format – media format used for file export.

  • Path – the destination folder location for the exported media. Macros are supported for this parameter.

  • TV format – the TV format of the media items to be processed by the current job drop folder.

  • File name macros – the file name macros used for the exported media naming automation.


Select the format you want to use for your file export from the pull-down list as it is shown below:

The set of available formats depends on your system configuration.

Press the "Setup" button to choose the options for the currently selected format. The "Setup" dialog box that appears depends on the selected exporter plug-in, so it is different for each selected format.

Each format can be configured individually by pressing the "Setup" button.

Refer to the Export to File article within the Cinegy Outgest Manual to learn about the file export formats configuration.

File Name and Path Macro

You can use several macros to automate the exported media naming and define the video file path. The template macros are:

Macro Meaning


The job creation date


The job creation time


The job creator


The full path to the object in the database and object name


The object name


The name of the video system for the exported object

The date and time format depends on the regional settings of your operational system customized via the Control Panel.
The symbols that are not allowed in the file name and path are converted to the underscore character "_".


From the pull-down list choose the quality to be used during export. If, for example, you select "High", this essence will be used for exporting your media.

If the "Auto-degradation" option is selected, it will switch to the next available quality. For example, if "High" is selected, but not available, then Cinegy Convert Server (Legacy) switches automatically to "Medium". If the "Auto-degradation" option is not selected, you will see "Media Offline" instead of the high quality clip.

Advanced Settings

Select the "Export metadata" option to export your media together with metadata.

Select the "Export as a single joined file" option to export several clips, contained in a Roll / ClipBin added to the file export job drop folder, to a single file. When this option is not selected, each clip will be exported to a separate file.

This option does not work with Sequences.

Press the "Audio mapping…​" button; the following "Outgest Audio Setup" dialog appears:

S1 – S8 stereo channels of the media are displayed and routed within the "Outgest Audio Setup" dialog. In the case when destination file or format supports less than 8 stereo channels, only applicable export channels will be enabled.

Here choose the audio tracks for each physical audio channel to accompany the export. The selected combination of audio tracks will be mapped to the defined output file.

Select the "Directly map Inputs to Outputs" option to map directly source audio tracks to the corresponding output tracks:


Select the "Mixdown all tracks to S1" option to mixdown all the source audio tracks to a single stereo output track (S1):