This tab allows you to configure the file ingest, document, and MXF import job drop folders settings:


On this tab all the import/ingest job drop folders available in the current Cinegy Archive database are displayed along with their short summaries.


Press the "Edit settings…" button to configure the import settings for the selected job drop folder.

Different types of import/ingest folders have different configuration settings.

File Ingest Configuration


In this configuration window, you can set up the following ingest parameters:

  • Target folder – the target folder location for ingested media;

  • TV format – the TV format used for file ingest;

  • Default field order – the default field order used for file ingest;

  • Media group – the media group used for file ingest (Regular or Archive);

  • Quality – the qualities that will be created for the ingested media in the corresponding Roll;

  • Video encoder – the video encoder plug-in used for video ingest in each specific quality. Each video encoder can be configured individually by pressing the corresponding setup button;

  • Audio encoder – the audio encoder plug-in used for audio import in each specific quality. Each audio encoder can be set up individually by pressing the corresponding setup button.

To save automatic ingest sessions from one day into a single Roll, select the "One Roll per day" option. As a result, all clips of the same TV format will be automatically ingested into one Roll with the name of the following format: [PREFIX][YYYY/MM/DD]:

+ image::products/convert-legacy/legacy/one_roll_option.png[one_roll_option]

+ NOTE: If the daily Roll already exists, but new clips being ingested are of a different TV format, a new Roll will be created with the same name but with the required TV format.

+ * Ignore unexpected XML nodes in FIDef files – select this option to ignore invalid XML nodes in *.fidef files during the file ingest. In this case, pre-populated metadata will be applied from valid nodes only.

+ IMPORTANT: Refer to the Pre-Populated Metadata Fields paragraph for details about pre-populating of the metadata fields during the file ingest.

Document Import Configuration



Press the "Browse…" button to assign the target folder or DocumentBin where your imported documents will be sent to:


The documents imported to the Cinegy Archive database are created in the DocumentBin (with the current date in its name) located in the target folder according to the following folder structure:


If the current year and month folders already exist in the target folder, all new DocumentBins will be placed into these folders accordingly.

In such a way, all the created DocumentBins are sorted by the date automatically in Cinegy Archive, and this unified folder structure allows user to simplify the document browsing.

Selecting a DocumentBin as the target will send each document to the defined DocumentBin.

When selecting a DocumentBin as the target, remember that the number of documents will increase rapidly, and this may cause performance degradation when working with such huge DocumentBins.

Also in the "Settings" dialog select from the corresponding drop-down list the media group to be used for document import (Regular or Archive).

The imported documents can be browsed in the Cinegy Desktop explorer tree:


To view the metadata of a document, open the corresponding DocumentBin, select a document and choose the "Show metadata" context menu command:


The metadata fields are filled in automatically during the document import.

MXF Import Configuration



Press the "Browse…" button next to the "Target Folder" field to assign the target directory where your imported MXF files will be sent to:


Imported MXF files will be created in the defined folder within the Cinegy Archive database.

Select the media group used for MXF import (Regular or Archive) from the corresponding drop-down list.

Select the "QualityBuilder JDT" option to enable automatic creation of non-existent qualities from the highest clip quality available for your imported MXF file via the quality building job drop folder, which can be assigned the same way as the target folder.

Refer to the Import / Ingest Job Drop Folders section for detailed information about ingesting video files and importing documents.