This tab allows you to configure the Final Cut export settings.


In this window, all the Final Cut export job drop folders available in the current Cinegy Archive database are displayed.


Press the "Edit settings…​" button to configure the Final Cut export settings for the selected job drop folder:


In this configuration window, you can set up the following Final Cut export parameters:

  • Autodegradation – the function of switching to the next available quality when the quality you selected is not available. If this option is set to "False" and you select the unavailable quality, the job will fail to process.

  • MacrosMask – the file name macros used for the exported media naming automation.

  • Quality – the quality to be used during Final Cut export; choose the desired quality from the pull-down list.

  • UseWindowsPath – the flag that defines whether the path to the clip will be written in the URI format used by Windows applications (c:\folder\sample.m2v). When it is set to "False" (a default setting), the path to the clip will be written in the format used by Final Cut (file://folder/sample.m2v).

  • XmlFilesFolder – the folder path where the XML files will be recorded to.