Media cleaning job drop folders are used for managing Rolls in Cinegy Archive. Unused data can be removed from the storage, old data can be copied/moved to archive storages, and partially used Rolls can be compacted in automatic mode.

The following diagram represents the general concept of the media cleaning job drop folders operating and managing:


The media cleaning job drop folders can be created and configured on the "Media Cleaning" tab of Convert Server Configurator (Legacy).

Rolls added to the media cleaning job drop folders via drag-and-drop or by using the "Send to job drop target…" command will be processed by Cinegy Convert Server (Legacy) to create new Rolls with the references to new footages.

The media cleaning tasks can be assigned via drag-and-drop of Rolls or by using the "Send to job drop target…" command.

Refer to the Export article for detailed information about export tasks creation.

You can choose whether to delete original file(s) or not after the media cleaning process. You can enable removing of old files via Cinegy Archive Manager.

Refer to the Media Cleaner paragraph within the Cinegy Archive Manager Manual to learn how to enable original files' deleting.