Cinegy Convert Watch Service is used to perform repetitive tasks automation. A number of watch folders can be configured to monitor Windows OS network shares and Cinegy Archive job drop targets. These watch folders automatically submit transcoding tasks according to the pre-defined settings when new media are detected.

Please refer to Cinegy Convert Watch Service Manual for details.


The "Queue" tab lists all active transcoding tasks registered in the Process Coordination Service database with their statuses and progress.


When a task is being processed by Cinegy Convert, you can track its status either from the database (displays only % completed that is updated once in a few seconds) or dynamically ("Live" mode) by selecting the corresponding "Live" checkbox next to the corresponding task. In this case additional information (like preview image and more frequent updates) becomes available:


Task Status

The color of the "Status" column indicator corresponds to the transcoding task state:


the task is in progress.


the task is paused.


the task processing is completed.


the task is suspended.

When the task processing is completed, its status turns green and after several seconds it is removed from the list of active tasks.

Task Priority

Tasks processing is performed in the order of task priorities. The priority of a task is displayed in the dedicated column.

Refer to the Manual Task Submission article for more information on setting priority for manually created tasks.
Refer to the Cinegy Convert Watch Service description for more information on setting priority for automatically created tasks.

If the task with higher priority is received for processing, all tasks with lower priorities will be automatically paused. When higher priority task processing is completed, the lower priority task processing is automatically resumed.

Hover the mouse pointer over the status cell of the specified task to see its full status description:

Processing of the manually paused tasks is not automatically resumed. Use the "Resume task" command to proceed the manually paused task processing.

It is possible to change priority for tasks being currently processed by Cinegy Convert Agent Manager by right-clicking the desired task and choosing the reqiured command from the "Priority" menu:


The tasks with lower priority will be suspended and higher priority ones will go to the top of the tasks list and continue being processed in the first instance.

Tasks Management

Tasks being processed can be paused/resumed or cancelled. To do this, right-click the desired task in the list and choose the corresponding command from the "State" menu:


To resume the paused task processing, use the "Resume task" command.

If a task has not been taken for processing by any Cinegy Convert Agent Manager yet, it can be suspended. To do this, right-click the desired task and use the "Suspend task" command from the "State" menu:


To bring the task back to queue, select the "Queue task" command from the suspended task right-click menu.

The same task processing management commands are available in Cinegy Convert Agent Manager.

Agent Managers

The "Agent Managers" tab lists all registered Cinegy Convert Agent Manager machines with their statuses.

By default, Cinegy Convert Monitor takes the item status info from the Process Coordination Service database. The "Live" checkbox allows Monitor to connect directly to the corresponding Cinegy Convert Agent Manager and retrieve live status updates, including image preview, CPU/Memory resources graphs, etc.

This tab contains a list of all machines that have Cinegy Agent Manager installed and registered in the system. The list shows the machine name and the last access time. The last access time value updates continuously as long as Cinegy Agent Manager is running.


You can monitor each machine in "Live" tracking mode. To do this, select the "Live" checkbox for the corresponding machine:


The left-hand graph shows the CPU load, and the graph on the right displays the memory usage. It is a graphical representation of CPU and memory state of the current processing Agent, where red area indicates the amount of the resource taken by Cinegy Convert, and gray area – total amount of the resource taken.

When Cinegy Convert Agent Manager is unavailable on the specified machine for several minutes or more, its status changes to yellow. This warns you about possible problems that may have occurred in the Cinegy Agent Manager work:


If an Agent does not respond for a long period of time, it is removed from the Agents list automatically.


The "History" tab contains information about the completed transcoding jobs:


Hover the mouse pointer over an item in the list to see the details of the transcoding job.