Cinegy Convert Profile Editor requires valid established connection to Cinegy Process Coordination Service. By default, the configuration is set to connect to Cinegy PCS installed locally on the same machine (localhost) and use the default port 8555. In case PCS is installed on another machine or another port should be used, the corresponding parameter should be changed in the settings XML file.

The settings file can be manually located in the C:\ProgramData\Cinegy\Cinegy Convert\[Version number]\Profile Editor folder. Alternatively, press the button button on the bottom right part of the window and choose the "Open settings file" command:

Profile Editor settings file
The application should be closed before saving changes to the "settings.xml" file. Otherwise, changes in the settings will be overwritten.

The following parameter should be modified:

<StorageEndpoint>http://[machine name]:[port]/CinegyProcessCoordinationService/ICinegyProcessCoordinationService/soap</StorageEndpoint>


  • machine name - specifies the name or IP address of the machine where PCS is installed;

  • port - specifies the connection port configured in PCS settings.