The "History" tab contains information about the completed transcoding jobs:


Hover the mouse pointer over an item in the list to see the details of the transcoding job.

Tasks History Cleanup

Administrative rights are required to perform history cleanup.

The history of completed transcoding jobs can be cleaned up. Set the required cleanup parameters in Cinegy PCS Configurator and the transcoding jobs that correspond to the defined settings will be manually or automatically cleaned up.

Refer to the Tasks History Cleanup article within the Cinegy Process Coordination Service Manual for details on setting up the cleanup parameters.

The example below illustrates the steps for manual history cleanup via Cinegy PCS Configurator.

  1. Navigate to the "Database" tab on the Cinegy PCS Configurator.

  2. Press the "Manage database" button to check validity of the selected database.

  3. Once the database validation is successfully completed, the following "Manage database" windows appears, providing two options for history cleanup – manual or scheduled. Select the manual history cleanup and set the required parameters:


    Choose one of the options: delete records older than specified number of days or within the specified range of days.

    Select the "Clean up only succeeded tasks" option to clean up only successfully processed tasks that correspond to defined filter parameters.

  4. Having specified all the required parameters, press the "OK" button, the following progress window with detailed description of each step will appear:

  5. The task history that corresponds to the selected time range and parameters will be cleaned up, the changes will be displayed on the "History" tab of the Cinegy Convert Client:


The same procedure is topical for scheduled history cleanup operations, with the difference that history cleanup will be performed automatically according to the defined parameters.

Refer to the Scheduled Tasks History Cleanup paragraph within the Cinegy Process Coordination Service Manual for details on setting up scheduled cleanup parameters.