All profile resources registered in Cinegy Process Coordination Service are listed here:



Profile resources filtering is supported to hide unnecessary profile types from the list to make the work with their search and management more convenient. Use the filter_icon icon in the "Type" table column; the following dialog box appears allowing you to choose the resources to be displayed:



Having selected the desired resource types, press this button to apply the changes and quit the dialog.

Editing and Deleting


Press this button to edit the corresponding profile resource in the dedicated editor that appears.


Press this button to delete the corresponding profile resource; you will be asked to confirm your decision to remove the resource:


Exporting and Importing

It is possible to save the prepared profiles, templates, encoder settings, CAS configuration, etc. as a PCS resource or an XML file for further use by pressing the Profile_Editor_Edit_icon icon next to the topmost field of the configuration window and selecting the respective export command:


The import from PCS resource or an XML file is available in the similar way.

Column Adjustment

Cinegy Convert Profile Editor is represented as a table with 4 columns. You can adjust the column width by dragging the grid line between the column headers until the desired width is reached:


It is also possible to adjust the columns order via drag-and-drop:


Table Navigation

In case of a large number of profile resources, their list is split into multiple pages:



The current page is highlighted with a green circle.


To go directly to the desired page, click the corresponding page number.

Use the Audio_shemes_prev_page_button and Audio_shemes_next_page_button buttons to navigate through the previous and next pages of the list.

Use the Audio_shemes_first_page_button and Audio_shemes_last_page_button buttons to jump to the first and last pages correspondingly.