Cinegy Convert Client is an application that allows operator to monitor and control transcoding tasks as well as to submit tasks manually. To launch this application, go to Start > All Programs > Cinegy > Cinegy Convert Client or use the corresponding shortcut on the Windows desktop.

To add a new conversion task manually, press the "Add task" button:


The following "Task designer" window appears:


Here define the following parameters for the task being added:

1. Task name – enter the desired name for the task via the keyboard.

2. Task priority – select the desired option from the drop-down list. Tasks with higher priority will be taken first by Cinegy Convert.

3. Source name – define the source materials to be converted by clicking the gray field within the source panel:


The "Source edit form" dialog appears:



Press the "Open" button to load a media file:


The loaded source preview is shown on the preview monitor. There are controls for setting In and Out points below the monitor allowing you to define only a part of video material for processing.

Press "OK" to finish defining source media material; the source will be added to the list:


4. Target name – set the targets defining the task output by clicking the gray field within the target panel:


The "Add transcoding target" dialog appears:


Here choose the corresponding profile from the list; its settings will be open on the right-hand panel of the dialog allowing you to make changes in the selected profile, if needed.


By default, the output files are written to the user’s profile folder. You can define the custom output folder where the converted files will be written to. To do this, press the plus button near the "Destinations" field and specify the folder location in the "Output" field.

Press the "OK" button to apply the defined parameters.

Several output targets can be added to the transcoding task defining different output formats like MXF, MP4, SMPTE TT, etc. To do this, invoke the "Target edit form" dialog again and choose another profile.

When the task is created, it will be added to the queue of active transcoding tasks:


As soon as Cinegy Convert Agent Manager starts the task processing, you can track its status either from the database (displays only % completed that is updated once in a few seconds) or dynamically ("Live" mode) by selecting the corresponding "Live" checkbox next to the corresponding task. In this case additional information becomes available, such as a preview image and more frequent updates: