Pressing the "Settings" button on the toolbar launches the following configuration window:


This dialog contains two tabs: "General" and "Sources".

General Settings

Here you can define the following settings:

  • Join clips – when this option is disabled, multiple individual clips / CineLink files are created; when enabled, it allows combining multiple clips into a single file with common metadata during transcoding.

    Initial timecode for the resulting file is taken from the first clip in selection.
  • Generate individual scenes – when enabled, in addition to the common resulting file, individual <scene> files are created corresponding to each individual clip and its metadata. These files retain their In-Out points which is useful for creating sub-clips.

    This checkbox is only topical when multiple clips are selected and the "Join clips" option is enabled.
  • PCS host – specifies the name or IP address of the machine where Cinegy Process Coordination Service is installed;

  • Heartbeat frequency – time interval for Cinegy PCS to report it is running properly.

  • PCS services update frequency – time interval for Cinegy PCS to update information about the internal services used by clients.

Sources Settings

Here you can define which media sources should be displayed in the location explorer as the root elements similarly to those in Windows File Explorer:


Here you can control the display of the following media sources:

  • Local PC;

  • Quick access;

  • Network.