The "Agent Managers" tab lists all registered Cinegy Convert Agent Manager machines with their statuses.

By default, Cinegy Convert Monitor takes the item status info from the Process Coordination Service database. The "Live" checkbox allows Monitor to connect directly to the corresponding Cinegy Convert Agent Manager and retrieve live status updates, including image preview, CPU/Memory resources graphs, etc.

This tab contains a list of all machines that have Cinegy Convert Agent Manager installed and registered in the system. The list shows the machine name and the last access time. The last access time value updates continuously as long as Cinegy Convert Agent Manager is running.


You can monitor each machine in "Live" tracking mode. To do this, select the "Live" checkbox for the corresponding machine:


The left-hand graph shows the CPU load, and the graph on the right displays the memory usage. It is a graphical representation of CPU and memory state of the current processing Agent, where red area indicates the amount of the resource taken by Cinegy Convert, and gray area – total amount of the resource taken.

When Cinegy Convert Agent Manager is unavailable on the specified machine for several minutes or more, its status changes to yellow. This warns you about possible problems that may have occurred in the Cinegy Convert Agent Manager work:


If an Agent does not respond for a long period of time, it is removed from the Agents list automatically.