Cinegy Convert Monitor provides remote control of the transcoding tasks and agents processing them.

Cinegy Convert Monitor is an application that allows operator to monitor and control transcoding tasks. It requires no computation resources to be available so it can be started virtually on any machine in the network.

The main functions of Cinegy Convert Monitor are:

  • system status monitoring;

  • tasks status monitoring;

  • manual task submission;

  • tasks management.

Cinegy Convert Monitor has the following interface:


The window contains three tabs:

The green indicator in the bottom part of the window shows successful connection of Cinegy Convert Monitor to the Cinegy PCS.


The status of connection to the Cinegy PCS updates every 30 seconds, so that in case of connection loss you will know immediately. In case of failure, the indicator becomes red:


Clicking the See log link will open the log file allowing you to view the details about connection failure.

Refer to the available on the Cinegy Process Coordination Service Manual for details on running and configuring the Cinegy PCS.


Cinegy Convert creates a log file where all activities are recorded. To open the log file, press the cfg_button button and use the "Open log file" command: