Release Notes

The full Cinegy Convert package components are:

  • Cinegy Process Coordination Service
    This component provides centralized storage for all resources types used in your media processing workflow and also acts as a central discovery service.

  • Cinegy Convert Agent Manager
    This component provides actual processing powers for Cinegy Convert. It launches and manages local agents to execute tasks from Cinegy Process Coordination Service.

  • Cinegy Convert Watch Service
    This component is responsible for looking in configured file system directories and/or Cinegy Archive job drop targets and registering tasks inside Cinegy Process Coordination Service for Cinegy Convert Agent Manager to pick up.

  • Cinegy Convert Monitor
    This is the primary UI to allow operators to watch what the Cinegy Convert estate is working on, as well as create jobs manually.

  • Cinegy Convert Profile Editor
    This utility provides the means for creating and adjusting target profiles that are used in Cinegy Convert for transcoding tasks processing.

  • Cinegy Convert Client
    This application provides a user-friendly mechanism for manual convert tasks submission. It allows the user to browse storages and devices for the media to be processed, review the actual media in the preview player, check item metadata with an option to modify it prior to importing and submit the task for processing.

Cinegy Convert 21.10 Release Candidate

Cinegy Convert Release: 21.10 RC

Cinegy Convert Build:

Cinegy Process Coordination Service Build:

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 7.5.52228.4078

Release Date: December 30, 2021

Prior to starting the Cinegy Convert v21.10 installation, it is recommended to clean up the tasks history and uninstall any previous versions of Cinegy Convert components that may be present on your machine.
To complete the Cinegy Convert and Cinegy PCS installation, the OS reboot is required.

Important Changes and Fixes


  • added support for 23.976 frame rate in MP4 wrapper with H.264 encoder (defect 14501, ticket IQW-834-38478)

  • supported authentication to Cinegy Archive via SQL logins (US 7058)

  • fixed compatibility of Cinegy Convert with the Cinegy Archive database v14, which was affected by the use of TV formats with 17:9 aspect ratio

  • fixed issue when the job is processed even if autoprocessing is disabled (defect 15132)

  • fixed occasional failure of Cinegy Convert upgrade caused by the inability to stop the Watch service (defect 15134)

  • fixed issue where the number of available descriptors did not match in different applications (defect 15186)

  • fixed issue when source file remained locked after successful transcoding (defect 15167, ticket UOU-409-31872)

  • fixed issue with processing of the XDCAM EX card files (defect 15173, ticket NCJ-288-99578)

  • fixed issue with incorrect .MVX file naming when MVX (legacy) wrapper is used when registering files in Cinegy Archive (defect 15155, ticket VUA-190-70631)

  • fixed issue with missing few last frames when H.264 encoder is used with MXF wrapper (defect 15369, ticket QKZ-689-61906)

  • fixed compatibility issues when importing MXF OP1A files to Adobe Premiere (defect 14175, ticket SSW-837-26290)

  • fixed issue with moving files to succeeded/failed folders after task completion when the file with the same name already exists there (defect 15309)

  • other minor bugfixes and improvements

Cinegy Convert Client

  • fixed error that occurred when creating a new task using the "Queue task" button (defect 15148)

  • fixed issue with changing the output path for Publish to YouTube and Post on Twitter profiles (defect 15101)

  • fixed unhandled exception on network disconnection

  • fixed possible error with queueing tasks when media assets are located on a specific Sony card (defect 15308, ticket RDE-565-27382)

Cinegy Convert Monitor

  • improved information refresh when switching between tabs (defect 15181, ticket TKV-991-88478)

  • fixed issue with memory leak when monitoring tasks if there are tasks in queue (defect 15129, ticket JFY-550-93911)

Cinegy Convert Agent Manager

  • fixed issue with processing tasks that were stuck in the "Await task request" state (defect 15182)

  • fixed issue where some specific MP4 files were imported into the database without audio (defect 15184, ticket EUN-728-76769)

Cinegy Convert Watch Service

  • Fixed issue that prevented temporary lock files from being deleted after a task was completed (defect 15417, ticket NQC-583-48659)

Cinegy Convert Profile Editor

  • fixed issue with validation of the "XDS Insertion" parameters in the Transcode to File and Archive Import profiles (defect 15136)

  • fixed issue with validation of PCS settings (defect 15090)