This tab lets you specify and see which licensing options Cinegy Convert Agent Manager will acquire once it’s started:

The Base license is required on each server to enable Cinegy Convert tasks processing.
  • Mode - use the drop-down list to select "Generic" or "Desktop Edition" Agent Manager mode.

    For Cinegy Convert Desktop Edition mode to be enabled, a separate corresponding software Desktop license is required.
  • Allowed Convert licenses – choose the maximum number of licenses allowed for the agent, the default value is 4.

  • Allow archive integration – with this checkbox selected, the agent can process tasks in integration with a Cinegy Archive database.

    The recording can be initiated on condition that Cinegy Desktop is installed and running on the same machine. Once the Cinegy Desktop application is not detected or is not running on the machine, Cinegy Convert Agent Manager does not initiate any new recording and aborts an existing recording session, if any.

  • Linear Acoustic UpMax - select this checkbox if you have an additional Linear Acoustic UpMax license for processing tasks with Linear Acoustic Upmixing.

    Refer to the Linear Acoustic UpMax Installation and Setup article for details regarding Linear Acoustics UpMax functionality deployment.
  • Linear Acoustic License Server - define the address of the available Linear Acoustic license server.