Before you start generating CineLink files, you should follow these steps:

  1. Check if the Cinegy Process Coordination Service is installed and properly configured.

  2. Create the folder where your generated CineLink files will be placed.

  3. Use Cinegy Convert Profile Editor to create a proper profile for your transcoding tasks.

  4. Make sure Cinegy Convert Agent Manager is properly configured and running. Check if Cinegy Convert Agent Manager has a valid established connection to the Cinegy Process Coordination Service.

  5. Start Cinegy Convert Client and select the clip(s) with the specified metadata and defined In/Out points, where appropriate. Check the transcoding settings configuration and manage the transcoding task properties. Once this is done, you are ready to generate CineLink files.


Press the "Generate cinelink" button on the Processing panel to start the process. The following window appears allowing you to choose the required folder in which your CineLink files will be created:


As a result, depending on your transcoding settings, a single combined CineLink file with media from all clips or multiple CineLink files for each selected clip will be created.

The transcoding task will be started; its processing can be monitored via Cinegy Convert Monitor: