The compound profile type is recommended for advanced users. It comprises a set of multiple individually configured targets to be used for transcoding. Each scheme is used to concurrently convert media into multiple file formats and qualities per one session. The target media files are written into output file storages as well as Rolls into the Cinegy Archive database(s).

Configure the compound profile type in the following window that appears:

In case of warnings or error detection, a red or yellow indicator appears respectively specifying their number. Hovering the mouse pointer over the indicator displays a tooltip describing the problem(s).

Here, specify the transcoding scheme name in the "Name" field and enter its short description, if needed.


Press this button to add a profile to be used for transcoding:


Repeat this action to add multiple targets.

Refer to the Archive Ingest / Import Profile, and Transcode to File Profile, as well as Publish to YouTube Profile, and Post on Twitter Profile articles for a detailed description of the corresponding profiles configuration.