To perform a conversion task, a transcoding profile is required. Profiles are created via the Cinegy Convert Profile Editor application.

With the Cinegy Convert installation, a set of sample profiles is added to the following location on your computer by default:

C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Cinegy\Convert Profile Editor

The profile package file has CRTB format – Convert.DefaultProfiles.crtb.

These sample profiles can be imported to your newly created database and used during the transcoding tasks creation. To do this, launch the Cinegy Process Coordination Service Explorer application and switch to the "Batch operations" tab:


Press the "Batch import" button:


In this dialog, press the add_resource_button button, navigate to the file(s) to be used for import in the following dialog, and press the "Open" button.

The selected resources will be listed in the "Batch import" dialog:


Press "Next" to proceed. In the next dialog, leave the "Create Missing Descriptors" option selected and press "Next" to continue. The export validation check is performed:



Press the "Import" button to launch the operation. The following dialog informs about all the batch import operation-related processes execution:



Press "Finish" to complete and quit the dialog.

The imported profiles will be added to the profiles list on the "Resources" tab of the Cinegy Process Coordination Service Explorer.

Capability Resources

It is possible to add a symbolic definition of the capability resources so that the Cinegy PCS could identify which agent of all the connected and available ones shall pick up the task and start its processing.

Go to the "Capability Resources" tab and press the add_resource_buttonbutton. In the appearing dialog box you can add a new capability resource:


Enter the resource name and description according to your preferences in the corresponding fields and press "OK". You can add as many resources to the list as required for your purposes.