This tab is designed for managing Cinegy Archive connections and job folders in the corresponding Cinegy Archive databases. The tab displays the list of all database connections created and registered in the Cinegy PCS. These settings are used for Cinegy Archive targets and the creation of job folders.

You can add as many Cinegy Archive database connections as you need. Press the "+" button and fill in the form as described here.
This list is handy to simplify the creation of Cinegy Archive targets by reusing your settings as many times as needed.
Management of corresponding Archive Endpoints is performed in the same way as for Watch Folders, with the help of the context menu by clicking the right mouse button, as described here.

Press the edit_button button next to the corresponding resource to edit it, or the Delete_resource_button button to delete it.

Cinegy Convert can be run along with Cinegy Convert Legacy. To ensure compatibility with Cinegy Archive 9.6 version and above without patch requirements, Cinegy Convert uses the same job drop targets structure as Cinegy Convert Legacy. To separate processing, an additional processing group for job drop targets should be created, and all legacy job drop targets should be moved to it. In this case, jobs created in Cinegy Archive for Cinegy Convert and Cinegy Convert Legacy will not interfere.

Job Folders Configuration

Cinegy job folders and job drop targets can be managed via the Cinegy Watch Service Configurator. To do this, press the Job_Folders_configurationbutton to access the desired database from the list. The Job drop folder configurator appears. The database is displayed in a convenient tree-like structure:


To add a new job folder, click the "New Folder" button or right-click the "Job Folders" directory and select "Add job folder":


In the following dialog that appears enter the new job folder name:


Press "OK". The folder will appear in the database explorer.

To add a new export job drop target in the selected folder, right-click it and select the "Add Export job drop target" option:


The "Add Export Job Drop Target" dialog appears allowing you to set the following parameters:

  • Name – use the keyboard to enter the name of a new export job drop target.

  • TV Format – use the drop-down list to choose the required TV format or select <Allow all> to accept any source media TV format.

  • Processing group – select the required processing group from the drop-down list.

Adding Quality Builder and Document Export job drop targets is similar; the TV format option is not topical for these job types.

Use the "Edit", "Delete" or "Rename" context menu commands to handle a specific job folder or job drop target, or just click the corresponding buttons in the upper panel that become highlighted:


Job Folders Display

All the changes made on the "Watch Folders" tab of the Cinegy Convert Watch Service Configurator are immediately applied in the database and displayed in the Cinegy Desktop Explorer:

Please mind that for a job drop target to become ready for media transcoding tasks, a watch folder for monitoring nodes sent to the job drop target should be properly set up.