The Cinegy Convert Watch Service is designed for monitoring network shares and Cinegy Archive database job folders.

To enable monitoring of the tasks, the service should be properly configured with all the necessary credentials defined.


To start the Cinegy Convert Watch Service configurator, use the icon on the Windows desktop or launch it from Start > Cinegy > Convert Watch Service configurator.

The Cinegy Convert Watch Service configurator window is launched:


The indicator in the bottom part of the window shows the connection of the Cinegy Convert Watch Service to the Cinegy PCS.

Refer to the Cinegy Process Coordination Service Manual for details on running and configuring the Cinegy PCS.

All the parameters for database connection, the Cinegy Process Coordination Service association, as well as tasks configuration and creation of job folders are divided into separate tabs.

All the configured tasks are located in the "Watch Folders" tab in a table view as follows:



Press this button to refresh the list of watch folders.

The first column Switch_icon ("Switch ON / OFF") is used for selecting the watch folders ready for processing. The next column Type_icon ("Type") displays the corresponding task type icon. The "Priority" column shows the priority of processing for each task, which is defined when configuring watch folders as explained later in this manual.

High-priority tasks are processed first, suspending the medium and low-priority ones respectively. Once a high-priority task is completed, low-priority tasks are resumed automatically.

When a watch folder is added and configured, select the checkbox in the first table column to enable task processing.

All configuration changes are retrieved automatically before processing new tasks.

If the checkbox for the required watch folder is not selected, task processing will not be performed.

The width of columns can be adjusted according to your needs by placing the mouse pointer on the grid line between the columns and dragging left or right to make it narrower or wider respectively:


Adjusting the order of columns via drag-and-drop, as well as managing the order of watch folders by pressing the column headers is also supported.

Watch Folders Management

With the help of the context menu called by the right mouse button click on the watch folder name, you can duplicate, rename, or delete watch folders.


Use the "Duplicate" context menu command to create a copy of the watch folder:



Use the "Rename" context menu command to rename a watch folder:


The corresponding dialog box appears:


Enter a new name for your watch folder.


Press the Multiplexer_edit_button button to edit the corresponding watch folder in the edit form that appears.



To remove a watch folder, click the Delete_resource_button icon in the corresponding field.

The same action is performed by the "Delete" context menu command:


You will be asked to confirm your decision to remove the watch folder:


Watch Service Log File

Press the cfg_button button on the bottom right part of the window and choose the "Open service log file" command.


The Watch Service log file will be opened in the corresponding text editor:


By default, Watch Service logs are stored under C:\ProgramData\Cinegy\Cinegy Convert\\Logs\.