Cinegy Daniel uses a software license, which can be activated automatically during the codec installation. To ensure that the valid license is identified by the installer, please place both the installer package file (MSI) and the license file (LIC) in the same directory on your computer prior to launching the installation process.
At least local administrator rights are required for Cinegy Daniel codec installation.

Download the latest Cinegy Daniel codec installation package from To begin the installation, run the CinegyDaniel64.msi file. The setup wizard will be launched. Wait until the system prepares for installation.


Read the license agreement in the following dialog that appears. Select the checkbox to accept the license terms.


If you need a printed copy of the license agreement, press the "Print" button; in the standard "Print" dialog box that appears, check the print settings and press "Print".


Press the "Install" button to begin installation.

The progress bar will indicate the progress of the installation process:


The following dialog confirms that installation is completed successfully:



Press the "Finish" button to exit the setup wizard.