The "AVC HD" plug-in is in beta stage.

The "AVC HD" plug-in provides user with the ability to import the AVC HD files together with the associated metadata to the Cinegy Archive database through the common import process.


Add_remove Use these buttons to add the AVC HD file(s) clips from your local drive(s) or network shared storage and/or remove them from the "Sources" list.

The configuration settings of the AVC HD import are as follows:


In this dialog you can configure the AVC HD settings and logging parameters of your import session in the same way as it is done for the Audio CD Import.

select_all Select the AVC HD file(s) you want to import or use the "Select all" button to select all the files.
select_none Press the "Select none" button to discard your selection.

The configuration and import process managing of the "AVC HD" plug-in is the same as for the Panasonic P2 Card tool.

Refer to the Metadata Descriptors Management paragraph for information on the import plug-ins management.