The Cinegy Archive Browser utility provides access to Cinegy Archive allowing user to navigate efficiently through the Cinegy Archive databases, search for specific nodes and select Cinegy objects such as clips, Rolls, ClipBins in order to drag-and-drop them into Avid Media Composer projects or create virtual AVI files.

Cinegy Archive Browser also traces the post folder – the network shared folder intended to collect the AAF files generated by different sources (for example Avid job folders).

Cinegy Archive Browser Interface

To start the Cinegy Archive Browser utility, click its shortcut on the desktop or run it from All Programs > Cinegy > Cinegy Archive Browser. The appearance of Cinegy Archive Browser resembles the Microsoft File Explorer interface with the search functionality available:


The content of the database(s) is presented in a tree-like structure in the left hand panel of the window.

Refer to the Cinegy Configurator article for more details about the database configuration.

Each container can be expanded or collapsed by pressing the and buttons correspondingly. The content of any expanded folder can be sorted by name, type and name, creation date or type and creation date by selecting the corresponding option from the "Arrange by" context menu command:

The collapsed folders content cannot be sorted.

Node Explorer

On the right hand panel the content of each folder or bin selected in the database tree is displayed:


As soon as you click on a ClipBin or Roll, all clips with their corresponding thumbnails and detailed information will be displayed in this panel:



The audio-only clips are indicated with the waveform icon.


The media offline clips are indicated with the corresponding icon.


The documents with the unavailable origins are indicated with the red crossed circle icon.

Searching in the Cinegy Archive database

For detailed information on performing search operations refer to the Search section.

To perform search operations in the Cinegy Archive database and view the search results, click the "Search" button on the menu panel. The right hand panel will show the search panel.


All the nodes found according to the search request will be listed here with their thumbnails and metadata.


Closing Cinegy Archive Browser

Having finished your work with Cinegy Archive Browser, right-click the Cinegy Archive Browser icon located in the notification area of the task bar and choose the "Exit" command:


Alternatively, you can close the Cinegy Archive Browser by pressing the cinegy_browser_close_button button in the main window.