Registering Users

Cinegy Desktop uses the Windows domain information to manage its users. Your access rights and the available feature set depend on your login.

Ask your system administrator to create a user account for you to work with Cinegy Desktop.

Starting Cinegy Desktop


For most users, the desktop icon is a more convenient location for starting the application. The Cinegy Desktop installer creates the program icon on the Windows desktop for all the users of the PC.

Cinegy Desktop must be properly connected to the Cinegy Archive content server and have access to the Cinegy Archive media server. The connection is normally configured during the installation process.

Logon and Logoff

To work with Cinegy Desktop, you must be a Windows domain user. The default Windows login information is used when a domain user logs on. A Cinegy Desktop client can then be started without an additional logon procedure. The user accounts are used to determine their access rights and default settings/preferences.

The user profiles are stored in the Cinegy Archive database. The profiles contain all the information on the plug-in windows settings and position.

Wherever you log in, you will get your last profile loaded automatically.

Cinegy Desktop does not allow multiple user login from different workstations in order to prevent profile ambiguity. An error message will appear when trying to log in to another workstation.

The user is automatically logged off when Cinegy Desktop is closed. All the settings are stored in the user’s profile.