The video track opacity can be adjusted by adding and manipulating the keyframes (KF) using the rubber banding Timeline feature.

The objects added to the V1 video track are always non-transparent, so video opacity adjustment is not available within the V1 track.

To start working with the video opacity rubber banding, do the following:

  1. Use the Ctrl+B keyboard shortcut or enable the "Rubber band" command in the main Timeline menu:

  2. Move the time slider to the position where you want to change the opacity.

video_key frame

3. Press the "Add/Remove keyframe" button or use the N shortcut. The new keyframe appears on all the objects of activated tracks at the current position.


4. Drag the key to obtain the desired effect. The opacity gain will be shown in percentage as a tool-tip during dragging:


The video opacity change will be immediately reflected in Sequence Viewer.

The rubber band line can be edited only with clip mode enabled in Audio Mixer.