A placeholder MOG is a special type of Roll with a predefined TV format, start timecode and duration. It is used as a temporary substitution for source essence that has not been ingested yet.


To create a new placeholder Roll, right-click the folder in which you would like to create a new placeholder Roll and select the "New" > "New Placeholder MOGs" command:

New_placeholder MOG command

The following dialog box appears:

Create_placeholder Roll_dialog
The "Create a placeholder Roll" dialog view may be different depending on the set of metadata fields assigned to the placeholder MOG. Please refer to the Node Metadata section in the previous chapter to learn more about node metadata.

In this dialog, set up the following options for the placeholder Roll you are creating:

  • Name – enter the name of the new placeholder Roll;

  • TV format – choose the appropriate TV format from the drop-down list;

  • Start time – enter the start timecode in the hours:minutes:seconds:frames format;

  • Duration – enter the length for the placeholder Roll in the hours:minutes:seconds:frames format.

  • Media Group – use the drop-down list to select the required media group.

The list of media groups can be managed via Cinegy Enterprise Manager. Refer to the Media Groups paragraph in the Cinegy Enterprise Manager Manual for details.

Placeholder Management

You can open the "Placeholder manager" dialog from the Cinegy Desktop explorer tree by using the "Manage ingest placeholders…" context menu command:

Explorer_Manage Ingest placeholder_command

The following dialog box appears:


In this dialog box, you can set the following parameters:

  • Priority level – choose between "Low", "Medium" and "High". In the table below, placeholder Rolls will be sorted and displayed according to the priority level chosen;

  • Production folders – choose a production from the list of all the productions. All placeholder Rolls located in the selected production will be displayed in the table below.

The middle part of the dialog box shows a table displaying the following parameters for each of the placeholder Rolls:

  • # – the number of the placeholder Roll;

  • Name – the name of the placeholder Roll;

  • Path – the path to the placeholder Roll;

  • Priority – the priority level of the placeholder Roll;

  • Created by – the user who created the placeholder Roll;

  • Creation date – the date when the placeholder Roll was created.

You can re-sort the placeholder Rolls by double-clicking on the column header of the table.

Use the "View options…​" button to customise the set of displayed parameters for the placeholder Rolls.

To search and select a target placeholder Roll for your ingest session, you can also open the placeholder manager from the "Choose a target" dialog by selecting any folder node and choosing the "Find Ingest placeholder…" command from the context menu: