The upper panel is made up of the following segments: monitor plug-in, status pane and buttons for ingest session control.

Monitor Plug-in

The monitor plug-in is made up of a preview of the source material and its audio channels:


The audio channels displayed are four pairs of stereo level meters. The number of the available input audio channels depends on the equipment in use. The S1 corresponds to A1+A2, S2 to A3+A4 and so on.

Status Pane

The status pane in the upper panel of the ingest window shows which schema and profiles are being used, schema name, name of the input profile, name of the plug-in profile, info profile and the target.


The icons in the status pane correspond to the buttons below, for schema, profiles, target and Roll info.

Profile, Schema, Target, and Info Buttons

Use the first four buttons, "Schema", "Input", "Plugins" and "Info", to select predefined profiles and schemas for your ingest session. Use the "Target" button to set the ingest target settings. The second "Info" button leads you to the Roll information setup.


There are local schemas stored in your profile that only you can access and there are global schemas which are created for common use and stored in the main database.

Go to the Ingest Profiles and Schemas section to find out more about working with profiles and schemas.