You can ingest tracks from an audio CD. In addition, you can get disk information from the CDDB, an online database with music information.


Press the "Setup" button next to the capture device, and the following dialog box appears:


Select the "CD" option. Additionally, you can enter the initial timecode. To do this, use the numeric pad and then hit the Enter key from the numeric pad to accept your timecode settings.

Selecting a Track

To load a CD, do the following:

  1. Press the Eject button to load a CD.

  2. Use the CD-drive drop-down control to select the drive and see the status in the edit box below. Inserting a new disk normally causes the status to automatically refresh; you can also force this by pressing the "Refresh" button. If the disk contains audio tracks, you will see them in the list control.

  3. When the CD is recognized as an audio CD, you can get disk information from CDDB, the online database of music information. Press the "Get Info" button to open the CDDB dialog.

  4. Some disks produce more than one search result. Choose a suitable match:

  5. Press the "Accept" button to transfer the disk information to the main CD dialog.

    If the request is successful, you will see the disk data in the "CD Converter" dialog:

    You must have access to the Internet in order to use the CDDB feature.
  6. Select the required track and press the "Convert" button. The track will be converted to a temporal WAV file:

  7. Now you can see the temporal file name in the plug-in window. The name is printed in blue, which means the file is not ingested yet.

  8. Now you can ingest the audio file by pressing the Record button.

    The file name is displayed in red during ingesting.

  9. After ingest is done, the file name turns green.