There are several ways to create an ingest plan:

Batch List via Cinegy Ingest Plug-in


After having set up the Cinegy Ingest plug-in, press the "Batch" button to send the ingest information to the Batch Ingest plug-in.

After repeatedly setting up ingest information and sending this to the Batch Ingest plug-in via the "Batch" button, the batch list will be populated.

How to Manually Create a Batch List

It is also possible to create a batch list via manual editing of the fields in the batch list table. To do this, you will have to enter the following information.

Field NameDescription


Provide the Roll name.


Set the tag for the material to be ingested during the Batch Ingest session.

Roll ID

Enter a unique identifier.


Provide an execution date for the Batch Ingest session.

This option is only available in live ingest mode.


Enter the start timecode or leave the default value (00:00:00:00) to start ingest from the beginning.


Enter the video material duration. The value should be higher than 00:00:00:00.


Define the path to the source material.

Same Roll

Set the tag for the clips to be ingested into the same Roll.

Exp. date

Provide an expiry date.


Freely enter a description either in the table or use the text box on the right hand side of the middle panel.


The status field is a system field and indicates the status of the ingest session. It also states if the ingest session failed.


To create a new entry in the batch list, press the "Create" button.


To delete an entry from the batch list, select the item and press the "Remove" button.

Using Timecodes

In the table you can enter the start timecode or In point of your material. If you leave the default value, the ingest session will start at the beginning of the clip. The start timecode is also reflected on the timecode panel:


You can enter a finish time (Out point) in the timecode panel. The duration is automatically recalculated; the result is displayed in the timecode panel and in the duration field in the batch list.

It is important that the duration is correct, or else you will receive an error message. If the duration is 00:00:00:00, you will also receive the corresponding error message.

Creating and Loading a .cbi File

The best way to create a *.cbi file is to create a batch list manually or add it to the ingest plan via the Cinegy Ingest plug-in as described above.


Having created a batch list, you can save it as a .cbi file. To do this, press the "Save" button. The file destination dialog will appear. Select the location where the file should be saved and enter a file name.

This *.cbi file can be used whenever it is needed to start a new Batch Ingest session.


Press the "Load" button and select a *.cbi file. The batch list in the upper panel will be populated with the information received from the .cbi file.