The following functions are also available in the Batch Ingest main menu:




Sort the batch list by the Roll ID and source.

Reset status

Clear the status of the ingest session in the corresponding column within the batch list.

Tag all

Set the tag for all items in the batch list.

Untag all

Delete the tags from all items in the batch list.

Tag selected

Set the tag for the selected item in the batch list.

Delete untagged

Delete all untagged items in the batch list.

Untag expired

Untag and skip all expired items.

This option is only available in live ingest mode.

Invert tag

Set tags for the untagged items in the batch list and delete the tags for those items that have the tag set.

Chunk current

Divide the currently selected item into separated items with the specified duration and insert them into the batch list.

Shift tagged

Postpone the execution date for tagged items in the Batch Ingest session for the specified number of days.

This command is only available in live ingest mode.


Scale the columns to fit the screen.

Create an item

Create a new item in the batch list.

Select all

Select all items in the batch list.

Invert selection

Invert the selection in the batch list.

Find an item in the batch list.

Replace one or more entries in a batch list.

Prove tagged

Check all tagged batch items for consistency.

Export a batch list to an EDL file.


To find a text item in the batch list, select the "Find" command in the main menu. The following dialog box appears:


Enter the text you are looking for and press the "Find Next" button. You can also select whether your search should match cases and if the search should start from the top or the bottom of the list.


To replace a field entry in the batch list, select the "Replace" command from the main menu.


Enter the text that is to be replaced and below enter the text that replaces it. Press the "Find Next" button to find a matching entry in the list. The "Replace" button replaces the matching entry with the text provided. Alternatively press the "Replace All" button, and all matching entries will be replaced automatically.

Export EDL

You can export the batch list you created to an EDL format. Select the "Export EDL …​" command from the main menu, and the following dialog box appears:


Enter an appropriate title and select the EDL format from the drop-down list. Check the "Use filenames for media" option to include the file name (as well as the path to the file) in the EDL list.

Select the "Emulate Audio 3 and 4" option to force audio streams #3 and #4 to be inserted to the EDL.

Select the "Unconstrained Roll number" option to remove the limitations on the rushes Roll number length.

Press the "OK" button; you will be prompted to save the EDL file.

Most edit controllers can read CMX3600 (it is the most common format). If you are unsure, save the EDL in several formats.

Create from Files

To be able to ingest multiple video files into the same target Roll, select the "Create from files…​" command from the Batch Ingest window context menu:

Please note, that this feature creates a new batch list.

A common "File Ingestor Settings" dialog will appear.

Having specified the necessary video file ingestor settings, press "OK"; the common file selection dialog will open:


The same unique Roll ID will be generated for all files to be ingested. It will be displayed in the "Roll ID" field in the bottom of the dialog. You can change this value according to your needs, but make sure you specify the unique Roll ID value.

Select the files to be ingested and enter the clip name that will be used for all ingested clips in the "Clip name" field. Then press the "Open" button; the selected files will be added to the batch list with the specified name.

Press the "Start" button to start the Batch Ingest session. The clips will be ingested to the target folder you specified; the target Roll will be created with the Roll ID value in its name:


To navigate in a batch list, use the Up and Down keyboard arrow keys or the "Next" and "Prev" buttons:


Batch Ingest Tools


Press the "Tools" button; the following dialog box appears:


Select the "Do not stop on errors" option to continue the Batch Ingest process even if an item fails to ingest correctly.

Select the "Supress "Insert tape" dialog" option to suppress the appearance of this dialog when moving to the next item in the list.

The "Edit a description on the "Batch" button" option will invoke the following dialog when the "Batch" button is pressed to send an ingest session to a Batch Ingest list.


Enter your text into the text box and press the "OK" button. Your description will appear in the description column in the Batch Ingest list.

When performing ingest from tape of several items with a different Roll ID, the following dialog will appear for each item:


Send Function


Select an item in the list and press the "Send" button to send the information back to the Cinegy Ingest plug-in. As soon as you press the button, you will see the material on the ingest monitor plug-in.