Before launching the Batch Ingest session you should set the tags and the target folder.

Batch Ingest Tags


The "Tag" field in the batch list indicates whether the material in the list is to be ingested. If the tag is not set, the Batch Ingest session will jump to the next item where the "Tag" is set.

If an item has been ingested, the tag will also be removed.
If an item is untagged and the Batch Ingest session has been started, the untagged items in the list will get the "waiting" status. This is written in the "Status" field of the item in the list.

The "Tag" field is set when a new item is created. To manually set or delete the tags, you simply have to click the tag box of the item in the list.

The Batch Ingest main menu offers further functionally regarding tags:


Tag all

This will set the tag for all items in the batch list.

Untag all

This will remove the tags from all items in the batch list.

Untag expired

This will untag and skip all expired items.

This option is only available in live ingest mode.

Tag selected

Set the tag for the selected item in the batch list.

Delete untagged

Removes all untagged items in the batch list.

Invert tag

Sets tags for those items in the batch list that are untagged and deletes the tags for those items in the batch list that have the tag set.

Setting Batch Ingest Target Folder


Press the "Target" button to select a target folder for your Batch Ingest session. The following dialog box appears:


Navigate to the desired destination folder; you can change the Roll name if you want. Press the "Apply" button to save your settings and exit the dialog; press the "Quit" button to exit the dialog without saving.

Finalizing Batch Ingest List


If you would like to change the order, press the "Sort" button. All items in the list will be reordered alphabetically according to their source names.


The "Tidy" function sorts the batch list by the Roll ID and source. Any overlapping items inside a group are found and then merged.


Before starting the Batch Ingest session, use the "Prove" button to check if all the tagged items in the batch list are correct. This is important to avoid errors during an ingest session. If all items are correct, then the following message appears:


In case of an error, an appropriate error message appears.

Starting and Stopping a Batch Ingest Session

Having finalized the Batch Ingest list, you are ready to start the ingest session.


Press the "Start" button to start the Batch Ingest session. All tagged items in the list will be ingested to the target folder you specified.

During the Batch Ingest, the current item in the table is selected and the progress is displayed by the current timecode and a blue progress bar. Next to the progress bar, there is the current item number plus the total number of items in brackets.



It is always possible to stop a running ingest session. To do this, press the "Stop" button. The ingested Rolls and clips will still be available and can be found in the designated target folder.