Cinegy Ingest provides ways to connect several machines into the ingest cluster. This cluster is recognized as a single machine, combining the power necessary to accomplish the task in real time.

"Daisy-Chain" Topology

The "daisy-chain" topology allows you to connect any number of machines into the ingest cluster. This topology allows you to increase the power linearly, because the machines resend the data independently.

The following illustration shows a sample cluster with four encoders. The SDI input card resides only on the main machine, the encoders do not require additional non-standard hardware, only the standard network adapters.


The incoming uncompressed frame travels through the chain from the main machine to every encoding machine.

The compressed files are recorded to the Cinegy file servers via a dedicated connection. In most cases, a 100 Mbps connection is perfectly suitable.

The encoders can be physically located in a separate room; only the main machine with the input board has to be near the operator.


This is a special watcher utility that automatically loads the client part of Cinegy Ingest, allowing unattended work of the client machines in the cluster.

Normally it should be located in the ingest program directory, which allows you to skip the REMEXEC parameter in the IngNet.ini file of the encoding client.

It is a good idea to put the RemIngWatcher.exe file in the Windows automatic startup. Then the client machine will recover automatically even if you reboot it.

Encoder PC Installation

The IngNet.ini file must be located in the Windows directory of every encoding client.

; IP-address of the main machine, for use by client (in the "common" network")
; Cluster ID of this machine
; Client queue buffer size
; the path to the remote client for IngNetWatcher (if the RemNetWatcher is not in the same dir)
RemExec="C:\Program Files\Cinegy LLC\Cinegy Folder\dptRemIng.exe"

; IP-address of the previous machine in the chain
; 0/1 - this machine is the last in the chain (1)

; Chain=1

Main PC Installation

The IngNet.ini file must be located in the Windows directory of the main ingest PC. Only one parameter is used:

; 0/1 - the last machine in chain (without the cluster, must be 1)