Cinegy Cinecoder H.264 is only supported for low quality. It provides good video quality at rather low bit rates.


Press the setup button of the Cinegy Cinecoder H.264 plug-in in the ingest window:


The following dialog box appears:


Superimpose Timecodes

To add the timecode in the form of a running clock superimposed over the encoding footage, select the "Superimpose timecodes to the frames (encoding only)" option.

Select an H.264 Profile

Press the "Select H.264 profile" button to select your H.264 ingest profile:


Choose the compatible H.264 ingest profile from the drop-down list.

The H.264 ingest profiles can be created and configured via Cinegy Enterprise Manager. Refer to the TV Formats, Profiles article within the Cinegy Enterprise Manager Manual to learn about creating and configuring profiles.

To view settings of the selected H.264 profile, press the "View content…​" button.