To use the Flash Encoder for ingest, choose "FLASH Encoder" from the list of WEB supported encoders for your ingestor:



Press the setup button of the FLASH Encoder plug-in in the ingest window:


The following "FLASH encoder setup" dialog box appears:


Here you can define the frame and bit rate settings that will be used for the Macromedia Flash encoding.

Configure the frame "Width" and "Height" parameters by pressing the up_button or down_button buttons or entering the proper values via the keyboard.

Select the "Keep Aspect by <TV format>" option to change the "Height" value proportionally according to the frame width, preserving the TV format aspect ratio.

Select the "Deinterlace" option in order to enable deinterlacing for the encoding stream.

You can also configure the following bit rate parameters:

  • Video bit rate – the video bit rate value defined in Kbps.

  • Audio bit rate – the audio bit rate value defined in Kbps (the value should be chosen from the drop-down list among 32, 48, 56, 64, 128 or 256).

  • Audio sample rate – the audio sample rate defined in Hz (the value should be chosen from the drop-down list among 44100, 22050 or 11020).

In the "Update movie length every" field, set the frequency of the movie update.

To add the timecode in the form of a running clock superimposed over the encoding footage, check the "Superimpose timecodes to the frames" option.

In this dialog box, you can also set the frequency of the movie update by filling in the corresponding field.

Remote Settings


Press the "Remote settings…" button to configure the remote settings for the currently defined codec. The following dialog box appears:


Here select the "Use the remote server" option to enable the remote server; choose the Server ID you would like to use as a remote server and press "OK".