Cinegy Ingest can ingest multiple levels of quality in parallel in real time on one ingest client. If more power is needed, there is the option of using the ingest cluster. The typical qualities are: high, medium, low and web.

High Quality

This is the full quality version of all material. Cinegy Desktop provides selected users the possibility to view the high quality material. Selected users will use Cinegy Desktop to conform a Sequence to the high quality material. Auto conforming generates new high and medium quality material, which is registered to the Cinegy file server.

High quality material is typically Long GOP MPEG-2 video (VBR or CQ). It can also be uncompressed or DV, depending on your system configuration.

Medium Quality

This is typically used for work in progress material. Cinegy Desktop provides viewing of the medium quality material and generates new medium quality material, e.g. because of rendering transitions. Medium quality material is typically I-frame only MP@ML MPEG-2 video (VBR).

It can also be DV (used as high quality at the same time) depending on your system configuration.

Low Quality

This is an optional quality level. It can be used to generate an additional stream for compatibility with legacy systems or other needs.

Web Browsing Format

The recommended web format is Windows Media version 8 or 9. It is used when working with a poor connection in Cinegy Archive and with web interfaces.

Audio Formats

Cinegy Ingest supports uncompressed WAV format with 16-bit precision and OGG Vorbis.

Closed Caption

Cinegy Ingest offers the ability to ingest the closed caption coming from a TV signal. The closed caption signal is recorded from Centaurus and FireWire (IEEE1394) captures.