Watchdog plug-in is a very helpful feature for automatic ingest. Drag-and-drop video files into a specified folder, and Cinegy Ingest will ingest these clips automatically.

  1. Before you begin to use watchdog, you must set up a schema; otherwise the watchdog plug-in will return with an error message. Here is an example of a schema:

  2. To open the watchdog plug-in window, select the "Watchdog" command from the "Modules" pull-down list in the "Ingest & Capture" category in Cinegy Desktop:


    The following "Watchdog" window appears:

  3. Choose the "Setup…​" command from the main menu of the watchdog plug-in; the following dialog box appears:


    Here specify the following parameters:

    • Directory – select the folder that you want to be watched via the "…" button.

    • File mask – add the file mask/filter. Enter *.avi if you want to ingest only AVI files or *.* for all known formats.

    • Schema – select the schema from the pull-down list that you want to use for ingest via watchdog.

    • Separate audio – select the checkbox to enable importing video file together with the corresponding external audio file copied to the same folder where the video file is located. The name of the external audio file should be the same as video file name. To use a suffix in the audio file name, fill in the "File name suffix" field.

      Press the "Add" button to save the settings and "OK" to close the watchdog settings dialog.

  4. Select the "Start" command from the watchdog main menu. Now watchdog is ready for ingesting.

If you select "Start" and video files are already in the watchdog folder, the ingest begins immediately.