Cinegy Ingest offers all the tools you need once the capture of your material is complete. You can review the material to increase the quality of the ingested media via re-ingest or quality import. You can also delete technically incompetent material, or correct some of the metadata fields.


Cinegy Desktop provides a suitably authorized user with the ability to initiate media re-ingesting to an existing Roll. The re-ingest functionality allows the qualities associated with an asset to be modified after the initial ingest session by replacing or creating the highest resolution format instead of the initially ingested one through a new ingest process. This replacement preserves all existing references and In/Out points with frame accuracy.

Refer to the Ingest Target article for details about the procedure of assigning an ingest target.
Performing a tape-based re-ingest, please ensure that the original tape has no damage such as creasing, oxide shedding or drop out.

During the re-ingest session, the initial content of the Roll will be replaced with the newly ingested media. This operation will preserve all the master clips and entires and their associated metadata from the original Roll and relate them to the newly ingested essence.

Ingest Against Pre-Populated Metadata

Cinegy Desktop provides Placeholder MOGs – temporary substitutions for source essences that have not been ingested yet. A source essence can be embedded to the Placeholder MOG via ingesting. During the ingest session, the target Placeholder MOG will be converted to the Roll, and all references to its essence will be updated with the ingested footage.

Import of Additional Qualities

Cinegy Convert provides the means to create a non-existent quality, or qualities, for a Roll that has already been ingested. The quality builder tasks are used for automatic creation of qualities from the highest Roll quality available.

In order to import the additional qualities for certain Rolls, they should be dragged-and-dropped to the quality builder job drop target container and then automatically processed by the Cinegy Convert job server.