Closed captioning (CC) allows hearing impaired people, people learning a new language, people first learning how to read, people in a noisy environment, and others to read a transcript or dialog of the audio portion of a video, film, or other presentation. The term "closed" in closed captioning means that not all viewers see the captions – only those who decode or activate them will see the captions. This is distinct from "open captions", where the captions are visible to all viewers.


Press the "Closed captions setup" button. The following dialog box appears:


Here you can set up the closed captions plug-in configuration by specifying the channels that should be processed during the ingest session. NTSC contains up to eight CC-channels that can be stored in eight different text metadata fields.

Ask your system administrator to set up proper connections between the CC-channels in use and the metadata fields in your database via CEM described in the Cinegy Enterprise Manager Manual.

CC delay is the average delay (in seconds) of closed caption streams from the video stream. The captured text will be "shifted" back when the CC delay value is not set to zero.

The closed captions plug-in can be used when ingesting DV AVI files.