To assign a target node for your ingest session, use the "Choose a target…​" dialog box.


Click on the folder icon in the "Roll info" dialog



Press the "Target" button in the upper panel of the Cinegy Ingest plug-in. The following dialog box appears allowing you to select the target:


The following node types can be used as a target:

A Roll can be assigned as a target for ingest when the "See existing Rolls" checkbox is selected in the "Choose a target…​" dialog box.

Choose the target node. The chosen node name will be written in the "Target folder" text box. You can also use the "MRU" button next to the text box to receive a list of the most recently used target nodes. Beneath the "Target folder" text box, the Roll name is displayed. If you are using macros, they will be shown here. Again you can use the "MRU" button to display the most recently used Roll names.

If you wish to change the Roll name, you can do this here:


The "Ingest Roll Number" or "Tape ID" shows the macro that defines the Roll number; otherwise, you can enter it manually. To test if a Roll number has already been used, press the "Check if the ID already exists" button.


Press the "Apply" button to close the dialog and save your settings.


Press the "Quit" button to exit the dialog without saving your settings.

Folder Target

When a folder is selected as the target for ingest, a new Roll will be created in the defined folder for each ingest session.

Roll Target


A Roll can be assigned as the target for ingest session in order to initiate the re-ingesting to the existing Roll.

Select the "See existing Rolls" option and choose the required Roll in the "Choose a target…​" dialog box:


As a re-ingest process will delete/modify the original essence of the target Roll, setting up the "See existing Rolls" option will display the following warning dialog box with the information about the consequences of a re-ingest process:


Press "OK" to display all the existing Rolls in the "Choose a target" explorer tree.

Refer to the Re-Ingest article or details about the re-ingest functionality.

Placeholder MOG Target


A Placeholder MOG is a special type of Roll containing a placeholder clip with a predefined TV format, start timecode, and duration. It is used as a temporary substitution for source essence that has not been ingested yet. Select a Placeholder MOG as an ingest target. In this case, the Placeholder MOG will be converted to a Roll containing both ingested material and the placeholder clip with all references updated.

The placeholder clip in the newly created Roll will preserve the duration of the Placeholder MOG selected as an ingest target (regardless of the ingested source material duration).

Please mind that the ingested video material preserves its start timecode. In case it does not match the Placeholder MOG start timecode, the placeholder clip within the Roll may display "Media offline".

If the duration value of the ingested material is lower than the one of the Placeholder MOG selected as an ingest target, the end of the placeholder clip will contain black frames. If the duration value of the source material is higher than the one of the Placeholder MOG, the placeholder clip will be shortened to this value.

Refer to the Placeholder MOGs article within the Cinegy Desktop Manual for details about placeholder MOGs.

If the TV formats of the ingested material and the selected Placeholder MOG differ, the ingest cannot be performed and an error message will be displayed.