Cinegy Ingest is controlled via its main system plug-in called ingestor:



Press the setup button of the ingestor plug-in (or of the monitor plug-in); the main setup dialog box appears:


In the dialog you can choose the set of encoder plug-ins used for your ingest station. You can select from the following video and audio encoders:

The Cinegy Cinecoder H.264 is only supported for low quality, Cinegy Cinecoder MP4 – for web quality.
The audio encoder OGG Vorbis is recommended for medium and especially low qualities. The advantage of OGG Vorbis is that it creates smaller sized files with a very good sound quality. In addition, OGG Vorbis is a free encoder (at the time of printing).
The Flash Encoder and Windows Media Encoder are supported by WEB. Use the Windows Media Encoder to ingest your material in a good web quality.
Refer to the Encoding in Detail section to learn more about the encoders and the quality levels.

Hit the Esc key or press the "Quit" button to close the dialog without saving any changes.

Audio Encoder Model

This group defines the audio model that is used for encoding audio streams. Clips can have mono or stereo audio tracks depending on what model is used for ingest.

Separate sets of encoders are available for mono and stereo model.

Input, Output and Router Device Setup

Input Devices


Press the "Input" button in the upper section of the "Ingest settings" dialog box, the following dialog box appears:


For ingest operations, select the capture device from the list:


Having chosen the input capture devices, press the "Setup" button to refine your input device settings.

Refer to the Video Ingest in Detail and Audio Ingest in Detail sections to learn more about the device setup options.
If your device has an integrated deck control (for example, DV or DVS), the same input/output plug-in provides support for the control.

Output Devices

Cinegy Ingest uses the same integrated system of input/output devices for ingest and outgest, and both subsystems are set up with the same dialog.

Here you can select the output device; choose from:

Playback devices:

Master devices:

Router Device

The router devices can be used in the Cinegy Ingest Batch Ingest function to switch input channels individually for each job. For example, select "NVISION Channel Switcher", then press the "Setup" button to tune the settings of your router.

Finishing Set Up


Having selected the input devices and the desired qualities with the appropriate encoders, press the "Apply" button to close the dialog box and save your settings.

All your settings will be shown on the Cinegy Ingest plug-in panels:



Press the "Quit" button to exit the dialog without saving your settings.

Printing Ingest Reports

The report will be printed on the default printer.

Email Notifications

Enable the "Send email notifications" option in order to send notifications to the ingest operator via email:


Creating Rolls for Report

Enable the "Always create rolls for reports" option to create an empty Roll in case of ingest failure with the ingest error described in its metadata.


To see the description of the ingest error, generate the ingest report for the created Roll:


"Session summary" will show you the "Failed" status of your ingest session and the description of the failure.