Before you start your ingest session, you have to set up the values for the mandatory ingest metadata fields.

The set of mandatory ingest metadata fields is defined by the template you choose. The list of available fields and their pull-down values are defined within Cinegy Enterprise Manager. For further details read the Ingest Templates paragraph within the Cinegy Enterprise Manager Manual or ask your system administrator if you would like to change the set. Some fields are system (like "Sx Alloc" fields or "RushesRollNo") and can only be renamed.


Press the "Roll info" button. The following dialog box appears:


To edit the values in the right column, click them and enter the new information in the text fields. In the enumerated field, select the desired value from the list.

Ingest Templates

In the "Roll info" dialog you can select the desired ingest template from the "Templates" drop-down list or use the default one:

Refer to the Ingest Templates paragraph within the Cinegy Enterprise Manager Manual for a detailed description about managing Cinegy templates.

Depending on the ingest template, your Roll info screen could be as follows:



To finish editing the Roll info, press the "Apply" button. Now you can start a new ingest session with a new mandatory metadata set.

Refer to the Descriptors, Presets article within the Cinegy Enterprise Manager Manual to learn how to modify the mandatory ingest set.

Audio Allocation

The audio allocation metadata fields define the type of audio channels to be ingested.

To change the audio channel type, select the "Sx alloc" metadata field and press the "…​" button:


This will launch the "Audio Channels" window allowing you to define the audio encoding mode and set the channels to be ingested:


For each audio channel it is possible to define the type of the audio channel or disable it by selecting "Not in use" option.

In stereo audio mode the following options are available:


In mono audio mode it is possible to set the channels to be ingested and define the type they will be ingested to – mono, stereo or 5.1 surround sound. For this right-click anywhere within the channels table and select the desired type:


Mono channels will be grouped accordingly:


Having specified the audio channel types for ingest, press "OK" and apply changes in the "Roll info" dialog.

If, for example, during ingest setup stereo audio encoding model was selected and in the "Audio Channels" it was changed to mono audio model, then after applying changes in the "Roll info" dialog, the Ingest Settings" dialog will be opened asking you to specify encoders for mono audio encoding.

System Fields in Roll Info

Several metadata fields in the Roll info are used for system needs. The fields are always present in the "Roll info" window.

Note, the fields names may be different in your installation. Ask your system administrator about system fields names described in this article.

Roll Name

Enter the name of the new Roll that will be created for the new ingest session.

Using human-readable sensible names for Rolls is advisable for convenience of other users.

Using Macros in Roll Name

You can use several macros for naming automation. The macros are:



Generates the tape ID.

The %A macros is only available for the "RushesRollNo" field.


Date of ingest start


Full name (for file-based ingests, it is the full path)


Short name (for file-based ingests, it is the file name)


Ingest operator


Roll name – tape ID (rushes Roll No)


Time of ingest start


Video system name

The macros are interpreted only when you start ingesting.

Rushes Roll Number

This is one of the most important fields in the system. It links the ingest session to the original material. This is especially important when working with tapes.

The ID will be used to point to the original tape when you export your projects to another system via formats like EDL, AAF, ALE, etc.

The system checks if the new Roll ID is unique in the database, and warns you if the ID already exists.

Using the ingested material with non-unique ID may cause difficulties in work of other users.

How to Correct a Wrong Roll ID

This operation should be used with caution and only for recently ingested material not yet in use.

  1. Open the Roll.

  2. Go to the "Ingest" tab.

  3. Enter the new Roll ID for one of the clips.

  4. Choose the "Propagate a current field" command in order to assign a new value to the entire ingest session:


Ingest Clip Number

The metadata field "IngClpNo" is generated automatically during ingest.


The syntax is:
Ex – entire clip number x (starting from 1 for the current Roll)
Cx.y – normal master clip for the Entire clip number x


Press the "Profiles" button in the title bar of "Roll info". Here you can select a predefined info profile or you can go to "Manage profiles…​" to add and delete your profiles.

Refer to the Ingest Profiles and Schemas section to find out more about working with profiles.