Cinegy Ingest provides you with several automatic shot change detection features. The shot change detection plug-in performs the following actions:

  • analyzes the content of the incoming frames to find a new shot;

  • analyzes the incoming timecodes to detect the timecode breaks or inconsistencies;

  • for DV ingest, analyzes the camera clock (if it is enabled);

  • for every newly detected shot, analyzes the content to find "the most representative frame" (e.g. if the shot starts fading from black or starts with a wipe);

  • automatically creates subclips in the Roll during the ingest session according to the detected shots.

Shot Change Detector Plug-in

During the ingest process, the plug-in shows information on the number of detected scenes and timecode breaks:



To set up the parameters of the shot change detection, press the setup button on the left of the shot change detector plug-in. The following dialog box appears:


The Shot Change Detector settings are divided into groups of parameters, described below.

Keyframe Detection

During the ingest session the keyframes can be set up to be detected manually or automatically.

Automatic Shot Detection

To enable automatic shot detection, select the "Detect automatically" option.

  • Minimal scene duration – set the desired minimum allowed scene duration in frames.

  • Maximal scene duration – set the desired maximum allowed scene duration in frames.

To disable scene duration control, specify zero value for the corresponding field.

Shot Change Detection Sensitivity

Specify the desired value for detection sensitivity in percent. The recommended value is 50%. The setting 0% can be used for news and 100% for long documentaries.

Manual Shot Detection

To enable manual shot detection, select the "Do not detect" option. Set the desired length of the scenes in seconds.

Disabling Scene Creation

If you do not want to divide the ingested material into the scenes, take the following steps:

  1. Select the "Do not detect" option.

  2. Set the scene duration to zero (0).

A new master clip will be created only in the scenario of timecode breaking.

Timecode Analysis

Enter a value for "Max. tolerated inconsistency of timecode" and "Min. length of consistent timecode restored". The default values are 5 and 3 frames respectively.

Refer to the Timecode Analysis paragraph for details.

Thumbnail Creation

The shot change detector plug-in can find the most representative frame in the new object automatically; that frame will be used as the icon for the master clip. For example, if the clip starts with a long fade from black, the first normal frame will be used as a thumbnail.

To disable this feature, check the "Use the frame number as representative" option and set the number of the frame to be used for every new master clip.

Timecodes Superimposing

To add the timecode in the form of a running clock superimposed over the encoding footage, select the "Superimpose timecodes to the frames (encoding only)" option.