Loading a File Ingest Source


To load a file ingest source, press the "Eject" button.

This button will only be enabled if you are doing any kind of file ingest. When ingesting from, for instance DV cam, the signal will be picked up automatically and shown on the preview monitor.

Having pressed the "Eject" button, the common file select dialog box appears. Navigate to the source and select it. Once selected, the source will immediately be shown on the preview monitor in the upper ingest panel.

Mark In and Mark Out

In the upper part of the control panel you will find buttons for setting the In and Out points. This feature enables ingesting a defined area of video material, be it from tape or file.

To do this, go to the desired starting point (timecode) of the video either by pressing the "Play" button and stopping at the desired position or by entering the desired timecode.


Press the "Mark In" button. The appropriate timecode will be shown.

Then go to the desired end of the video by pressing the "Play" button again and stopping at the desired position or by entering the desired timecode


…​and press the "Mark Out" button. The appropriate timecode will be shown.

The duration is automatically calculated.



Press the "Remove mark In" button to delete an In point.


Press the "Remove mark Out" button to delete an Out point.

The "Remove mark Out" button remains available during the ingest session.

Manual Timecode Setup

When entering the timecode manually you should follow these rules:

  • Preferably use the NumPad for input.

  • Input + or - before digit means incrementation (+5 frames, -12 frames).

  • Input should be confirmed by the NumPad Enter key.

  • Hit the Enter key twice so that the changes are displayed.


To play or stop, rewind or fast forward your source, the Cinegy Ingest plug-in offers the familiar set of buttons that resemble those of a standard tape deck.


The video material will be played on the monitor plug-in in the upper panel of the Cinegy Ingest plug-in. The audio level meters show the corresponding audio levels.

Starting an Ingest Session

Having completed all the settings, you are ready to start the ingest session.


Press the "Rec" button to start your ingest session.

You can now monitor your ingest session. The encoder panels show the process of encoding, if any problems should arise, e.g. dropped frames, they will be shown here. The timecode monitoring window displays the playback/ingest progress both in the timecode and percentage views. The synchronizer shows the clips created. The monitor plug-in plays the video material synchronous to your ingest session.


Press the "Stop" button to stop a running ingest session.

Mark Out Correction

Even when your ingest session has begun and the essence is being ingested, you can still correct the ingest duration on-the fly. To do this, enter the desired timecode in the "Mark Out" field:


The duration and Out point values before correcting the Out point

Changing the "Mark Out" timecode alters the duration; the duration value will be automatically recalculated and corrected:


The duration and Out point values after correcting the Out point


During ingest you can use the "Remove mark Out" button to delete the previously set "Mark Out" and duration values.