Cinegy Ingest supports ingest from a digital satellite dish via a B2C2 Card and a DVB-T Receiver. Select the "B2C2 Based DVB Capturer" from the input device list.


Press the "Setup" button next to the hardware device; the following dialog box appears:


Patch Length

Defines the time interval in milliseconds to correct an input stream if a distortion has occurred. A timecode break will be generated and a new entire will be created if the distortion length is greater than the specified value.

Retune Interval

Defines the timeout in seconds before next retuning when no signal is detected.

Scale Decoded Frames

Scales decoded frames to fit the specified TV format frame size.

PC Sound

Enables sound playing while monitoring a selected channel on your PC.

Recognize TV Format

Performs an automatic recognition of the selected channel TV format.

Stop Ingest

DVB capturing can be stopped in two ways:

  • PC clock – capturing will be stopped at the defined PC clock time;

  • Frame TC – capturing will be stopped on reaching the defined Out timecode.

Selecting TV Channel


Press the "Eject" button to select a broadband channel. The "Select a channel" dialog box appears:


Broadband Channels

Select the desired TV channel from the drop-down list.

TV Formats

Some channels switch the broadcast TV format and this must be defined in the database – open Cinegy Enterprise Manager and change the properties of the corresponding channel. Now you can select the appropriate TV format.

Press the "OK" button to save your settings. Now you are ready to ingest from the DVB receiver.

Prepare Satellite Capture

  1. Insert the SAT card into your capture station.

  2. Install the correct SAT card drivers.

  3. Connect a satellite cable to the card.

  4. Check independently (without Cinegy Desktop) the correct functioning of the SAT card. If the SAT card is not detected in your ingest station, the following message box appears:

  5. Add/Edit the required Broadband TV channel profiles with Cinegy Enterprise Manager.

  6. Select the "B2C2 Based DVB Capturer" as ingestor input device.

  7. Ingest manually or use the Batch Ingest plug-in to create a schedule.